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Creating threshold alerts.

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I had a request to provide the alert below and I am trying to figure out the best way to tackle it.

run this query every 5 minutes and response time >2000 for more than 10 occurrences then raise email to below group also if possible please plot the timechart with this query

index=xxx_logs service_name=cix* operation=GetTypeFrom* Transaction_time>2000  | timechart max(Transaction_time) by operation

Thanks in Advance!


I created an alert to run every 5min and to alert if threshold reaches over 10 occurrences.

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Hi, the query below would give you a table of operations that have exceeded 2000 (ms?) more than 9 times for the time period searched. I'm not exactly sure that that's what you're asking for, but I think so.

index=xxx_logs service_name=cix* operation=GetTypeFrom* Transaction_Time > 2000 |stats c by operation | where c>9

If you want to make a chart of that, you could replace the stats with a timechart span=5min

Hope this helps,


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