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Create hyperlink using sideview utils


So I'm having trouble using Sideview Utils to create a hyperlink to a new 'flashtimeline' from a graph that contains a column chart.

So what I'm trying to do is take both the 'Search' and 'PostProcess' queries that are used to create a column chart, and create a hyper-link to a new page that is a flashtimeline with the 'search' and 'postProcess' queries concatenated together.

So currently I have a 'Search' module with a 'search' param and a 'PostProcess' with a 'search' param nested within the outer module. Then within the 'PostProcess' module I have a nested 'ValueSetter' module as follows:

rec=test | stats count(rec) by rec, field1

timechart count(rec) by field1
<!-- ... HiddenChartFormatter and FlashChart go inside here -->

$search$ | $postProcess$

View Results

So when I do this it loads a new 'flashtimeline' page, but does not use the appended search query...however the query is in the URL text box at the top of the browser. What am I doing wrong? Also is the 'Redirector' module used for this type of thing, and how do you use it? I can't seem to get the redirector module to do anything useful like create a link either.

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It looks like you've used

<a href="flashtimeline?$redirectURL$">View results</a>

But that isn't a properly formed argument. Here's what you want instead

<a href="flashtimeline?q=search $redirectURL$">View results</a>

and actually you probably want to include the selected timerange as well, like so:

<a href="flashtimeline?q=search $redirectURL$&amp;earliest=$search.timeRange.earliest$&amp;latest=$search.timeRange.latest$">View results</a>


If, on the other hand, you're linking to a view that is also using Sideview Utils and has a SearchBar module, I would use the searchBar argument instead of 'q', and use an explicit 'autoRun' argument.

<a href="flashtimeline?searchBar=$redirectURL$&amp;earliest=$search.timeRange.earliest$&amp;latest=$search.timeRange.latest$&amp;autoRun=True">View results</a>
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