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Connecting Tableau with Splunk

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Hi team,

I am trying to connect Tableau with Splunk via Splunk ODBC. On the community forum, it is mentioned at several places that Splunk ODBC is not compatible with Splunk version 7.x onwards.

But I can also see that a latest Splunk ODBC driver (version 3.0.1) has been released recently and it is mentioned that it is compatible with Splunk version 7.3 and higher as below:-

My Splunk enterprise version is and the tableau version is 2019.1.7. Is this new Splunk ODBC compatible with my version of Splunk ( If not then what is the alternative for this?


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Your splunk version is quite soon out of support, so best option is update it to version which support also ODBC driver.
R. Ismo
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