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Configuring Data Inputs for PAN Add-on in Splunk Cloud,Configuring the add-on for Splunk Cloud

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Hey there! The documentation for configuring the PAN Add-on (found at mentions that TCP/UDP data sources must be configured to get data out of our PAN firewalls; however, Splunk support informed me that this isn't possible due to security restrictions on Splunk Cloud instances. However, without these data sources, I'm not really sure how else to get data into our Splunk Cloud environment (they've mentioned that we can use an HTTP event collector, but the documentation doesn't say much on how to do that).

Has anyone else successfully connected their PAN firewalls/WIldfire to Splunk Cloud, and if so, would you be willing to advise me on how to do so?


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It is simple. Stand up a syslog-ng server inside of your data center alongside the PANs and send the data to syslog-ng and have it either send to Splunk Cloud HEC or write to file and use a traditional UF:
If you need help, DM me; we do this all the time.

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