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When will the Cisco ACI addon support Cloud? It fails app vetting for the following reasons.

This is a preliminary report. More issues may be found upon further review. 
Thank you for your app install request. Your app did not meet security and functionality requirements for Splunk Cloud for the following reasons: 
Blocking issue:
1. The private key is displayed as plain text in this app which is not permitted in Splunk Cloud. Please remove this file. File: bin/websocket_client-0.35.0-py2.7.egg/websocket/privkey.pem.
2. The "cookie" containing privatekey was loged to local file, which is not permmited in spluk cloud. Please remove the privatekey in cookie. File: bin/, line: 605.
3. The arguments field of input in setup page is vulnerable to xxs attack. Please validate or escape user input before saving. File: appserver/static/application.js.
Non-blocking issue:
1. Setup configures non-search-head features: inputs. File: default/setup.xml.
Once issues are remedied  you can submit your app to review.
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You have to contact Cisco. The app says this:

• This app is supported by Cisco Systems.
• Please ask questions by creating a TAC case on OR contact us at 1 800 553 2447 or 1 408 526 7209
• Alternatively, send us an email to
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Indeed. Blasting all channels of communication in attempt to get their attention.

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