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Cisco Security Suite not working - showing blank dashboards


I have installed Cisco Security Suite on my Splunk server, but when I access it from GUI all the dashboards are blank, also it is not asking me for any configurations. What I want is to put the cisco firewall logs into this suite. Currently, my firewall is sending logs to this Splunk server on port 9997 using UDP. I created a index called "cisco_logs" and all my logs are coming to that index. I can see the logs in search by specifying "index=cisco_logs", but how can I take that logs into the dashboard of Cisco Security Suite. I looked for configuration help, but not getting proper information about the configuration of CSS. Please help me.

Do I need to install any add-ons for Security suite to work or show data in my dashboards ?

This is bit urgent.


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Have you added your "index=cisco_logs" index to the search by default indexes of the user's role running the App ?

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Thanks Mitesh for your reply on this. Actually, I saw that link but somehow I was not able to see the "Documentation" link in my App. But now it is showing me that link. Let me go through it.

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Have had a chance to read through the App Documentation on

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The docs are not as easy to find as they could be, and we are fixing that. After installing the app, go to the menu on the top left and click on documentation. There, you will see two guides that you should go through. After doing so, ask a new question with more detail specific to which step is giving you trouble.


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Hi there. I've followed the documentation instructions exactly on a brand new Splunk enterprise install on windows. I have the same result - blank dashboards "no results found".

My various ASA firewalls syslog directly via UDP to the splunk VM. I'm not sure what else I can do as I've followed the exact steps in "getting started".


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