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Cisco Security Suite/Splunk for Cisco Firewalls - input from log file



Trying to set up CSC for firewalls but using a local log file as opposed to syslog (it's a proof of concept and we don't want to change FW configs, etc just yet)

What is done so far:

  • Installed CSC and Splunk for Cisco firewalls
  • Created a inputs.conf in the Cisco FW app directory ie: splunk_ciscofirewalls\local:



  • restarted splunk

Splunk grabs the file without issue but the sourcetypes do not appear (not applying the transforms).

Note: we deliberately omitted the sourcetype as we want the app to assign the events to the respective source type as per:

'Do not specify a source type. The Splunk for Cisco Firewalls add-on automatically assigns source types for your Cisco ASA, FWSM, and PIX firewall events as cisco_asa, cisco_fwsm, and cisco_pix, accordingly.


  • Is this possible to do without setting up syslog (I would imagine the answer is yes)?
  • Has anyone set this up successfully?
  • Is there a step missing?
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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Yes it is possible, look inside the props/transforms to understand what sourcetype CSS app is expecting and set that in your inputs.conf file after
disabled = false
sourcetype = cisco:asa

Not positive that is the right sourcetype - but it is probably close.

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Thanks Emotz, we did that and it appears that it's processing some of the entries, I'll need to verify again tomorrow.

Note, we don't want to assign a sourcetype and would like to get the app to assign (see new note above in original call)

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

you would also need to reset your fishbucket if possible without messing everything else up to re-index the same file. Or you could use oneshot? Or you need to add another file to that directory.

If you have to index that exact file - you can also set crcSalt =
in your inputs.conf file and change the name of the file to reindex it.

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