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Cisco ACI Add-on for Splunk Enterprise: "Error connecting to /servicesNS/nobody/TA_cisco-ACI/apps/local/TA_cisco-ACI/setup: ('The read operation timed out',)"


I tried to install Cisco ACI Add-on for Splunk Enterprise on a splunk server in version 7.2.3.
After completing the form with the APIC IP address, local username and password, I get the following error message:

"Error connecting to /servicesNS/nobody/TA_cisco-ACI/apps/local/TA_cisco-ACI/setup: ('The read operation timed out',)"

Can you help me understand the meaning of this message? Is this a Splunk App or Server problem?
FYI, I launched a Wireshark to check if the Splunk server initiated a connection with the Apic. No packet has left the server. The problem is therefore local to the Splunk server.
Thanks in advance

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Hello @erwan_raulet 

I was wondering if you managed to make it work, cause I am facing the same issue here.

No packet is leaving my server, and I get multiple errors.

I checked iptables / firewalld, and I am sure that no packet is blocked in the output.

Thanks !

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are the credentials correct?

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Yes the credentials are correct. With Wireshark, I see any packet from the Splunk server to the Apic.

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