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Choropleth Map / Cluster map need to represent multiple attributes


Consider my data as below. I want to represent in Map chart i have to show country wide what is the sales of different types of cars. Also i have only the country data(No ip or latitude or longitude but i can do some lookup mapping for it), with that, possible i can use choropleth map, but I cannot show multiple attributes here. Appreciate if there is any way to show multiple attributes. I tried cluster map, it is creating a pie chart but it is not covering the entire country

country | Sales of SUV Cars| sales of sedan Cars
Australia | 10k | 25K
USA | 25k | 35k

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The only way you can do without IP is by lookup but, there is a problem with your data. Your country data is not following stands like iso2 or iso3 which can be looked up in geo_attr_countries.csv. Look at your geo_attr_countries.csv will give you a better idea.

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thanks for the reply I can do a lookup with country iso code but that is that case i have to use the cluster map which will just give the pie chart and that will not expand through the country. In choropleth map can i show multiple attributes, apart from country name(featurefield) and count

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