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Checking Server Resource of Services connected in Splunk

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Hello! I'm quite new to Splunk and I'm just wondering if there's a way to check on a server resource percentage?

This is my setup: I have three servers running, (1) Splunk Enterprise, (2) Splunk Universal Forwarder & (3) Another Universal Forwarder. All servers are running via AWS. Inside my (2) & (3) servers reside some microservices that I need for my website. I've installed a Splunk App for Infrastructure and Splunk Add-on for infrastructure, and everything works fine except that all I can monitor is the servers itself (cpu usage, up time, idle time, etc), not the microservices that reside each server.

Is there a way or an add-on that I can also use to monitor the number of memory that my microservice consume in each server? Or if it's running or not running anymore?

Thank you in advance!

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