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Cannot get VPN access dashboard to work


Hi there!

I see that for the vpn dashboard to work it looks for tag=vpn. My question is, how can I make sure the logs has been parsed the way infosec is expecting? I can see the connected and disconnected ids from cisco asa are coming. So please, can you point me for the right direction if that is the case?

Disconnected logs:

May 20 20:25:45 May 20 2020 20:23:55: %ASA-4-113019: Group = Remoe, Username = test.vpn, IP =, Session disconnected. Session Type: AnyConnect-Parent, Duration: 0h:10m:16s, Bytes xmt: 132850266, Bytes rcv: 60187568, Reason: User Requested

Connected logs:

May 20 20:30:52 May 20 2020 20:29:02: %ASA-6-113039: Group <Remote> User <test.vpn> IP <> AnyConnect parent session started.

How´s parsed the vpn tag?

Thanks in advance.


Re: Cannot get VPN access dashboard to work

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Hi @wbueno2, for the VPN dashboard in InfoSec app to light up, you will need the following:

  • VPN events tagged with these tags: network, session, vpn
  • Fields/aliases present: user, src_ip, action
  • Data Model Network Sessions accelerated

If you are new to Common Information Model, this is a good start:

The video takes you through steps for creating tags and field aliases.

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Re: Cannot get VPN access dashboard to work


After normalizing the CIM, still think that I´m not obtaining the right numbers of connected VPN user.

I´m using the the follow eventtype but looking against zabbix, the number don´t match:

CIM_VPN_TAGS sourcetype="cisco:*" (message_id=722022 OR message_id=722023) tag vpn 

I can´t figure out how to make sure to obtain the real time connected users.

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