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Can we add a "comments" text box as a column in each row of a Sideview Utils table?


We have a requirement as:
On our dashboard, we have a table "Alert Details"
In this table we are showing the status of each alert.
The requirement is to add a Comment section as the last column in each row of table.
I am using Sideview Utils. Is it possible?
Any clues.


Putting the comment box there itself is a simple matter of using Table Embedding features of the Sideview Table module. You can read the full docs of the Table module by logging into the app itself and navigating to "Module Documentation > The Table Module".

The question quickly becomes what to do with it then! I would use a TextField module, and then perhaps a Button module and a Search module, so that you can persist the typed comments to a lookup or to the kvstore. The particular details of doing this are pretty finicky but it's been done a number of times by different individuals out there. Here is one that was pretty well written up in an answers post.

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