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Can the Splunk Status Indicator - Custom Visualization app use another icon library, or can I add a custom icon to the font-awesome library?

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I'm wondering if the Splunk Status Indicator - Custom Visualization app can use another icon library.

To read related documentation, Splunk Status Indicator app is only using the font-awesome library.
Font-awesome is good library, but it has provided limited icon set.

I want to use an additional custom icon that I made.
How I can add custom icons in font-awesome library? or
How I can modify another icon library?

Please notice me about it.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi @yhoh,
Update: I followed up with our engineering team and they have confirmed that this is not a supported option.

A possible alternative, though, might be building your own custom visualization app. You could look into using custom icons in an app that you create.

Here is some documentation for custom visualization app developers:

Hope this helps!

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