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Can the S.o.S app use data from the Windows and *nix TA instead of the S.o.S TAs?

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I already have the standard Windows TA and Unix TA why do I need to install the SOA TAs? Are they not compatible and if not why can't they be?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Scripted inputs '' and '' from the *nix TA should be compatible with the S.o.S usage resource dashboards, as long as you change the 'set_sos_index' macro in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/apps/sos/local/macros.conf and point it to the index where those scripted inputs are writing events - typically, the 'os' index. Do note, however, that some fixes and improvements we did to the S.o.S TA for *nix scripted inputs will not be incorporated to the equivalent inputs in the *nix TA.

The S.o.S TA for Windows provides a custom-made scripted input ('ps_sos.ps1') that gathers per-process resource usage with a format identical to that of ''. The Windows TA does not offer such a scripted input.