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Can't seem to get Infoblox DHCP to work


After going through all the different posts about Infoblox, DHCP, I thought that I had it, but I can't seem to get it to work properly. I installed the posix DHCP tool and updated all the Regex statements to deal with the Infoblox syslog changes. The regex should be working but while I can see all my events show up as dhcpd_events, when I search for any fields (ie dhcp_message), I get nothing.

I'm kind of new to Splunk so I'm sure that I'm missing something. Hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction.

Some examples of the Syslogs that I am getting:

Apr 15 20:01:00 dhcpd[15805]: DHCPINFORM from via
Apr 15 20:01:00 dhcpd[15805]: DHCPACK to (f8:bc:12:d5:0e:19) via eth1
Apr 16 02:55:26 dhcpd[15805]: DHCPREQUEST for from 00:1e:4a:92:02:30 (SEP001E4A920230) via uid 01:00:1e:4a:92:02:30 (RENEW)

Transforms.conf (backslashes are being stripped to I have replaced them with ' )

FORMAT=process::$1 dhcp_message::$2 src_ip::$3 dest_int::$4

FORMAT=process::$1 dhcp_message::$2 src_ip::$3 src_mac::$4 dest_int::$5

FORMAT=process::$1 dhcp_message::$2 src_ip::$3 src_nat_ip::$4 src_mac::$5 src_host::$6 dest_int::$7

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I've fixed it.
You have to change all the regex in transform.conf



and change the following line in: eventtypes.conf

search = process=dhcpd

search = dhcpd

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The latest infoblox TA supports DHCP as a sourcetype:

Check out the documentation here:

TA is available here:

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

When you use ', do you mean \? If not, none of these REGEXes are good.

In [dhcpinform], do you get the variable process? If so, you have to look for error after and if not, then the entire regex is bad.
Are timestamps extracted correctly after your syslog-related changes?

In general, I would start working with the REGEX one capture group at a time.

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Path Finder

Have you also updated the transform for [set-dhcpd-sourcetype]? Near the top of the transforms file, you also need to update the regex so it reads:


(I replaced slashes with the pipe character)

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