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Can i know about nmon for splunk to monitor aix/Unix performance?

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Nmon for splunk is splunk application ? how to Download and configure it to monitor AIX/Unix performance?

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Re: Can i know about nmon for splunk to monitor aix/Unix performance?


Hello !

Nmon App is a community supported application (published under Apache 2 licence).

The Application can be downloaded at the App page in Splunk App:

The documentation of the Application is available within the App itself (the help icon marker on top left of the App home page), it contains every required information to learn about the way the Application works, and notably various scenario to implement the App (standalone installation, cluster monitoring, distributed scenario...)

There is mainly 2 ways to use the Application:
- Generate and collect nmon performance data by the Application (using TA-nmon for remote hosts)
- Manage external central repositories of nmon files (NFS shares...)

A "TA-nmon" version is provided within the resources directory of the Application, it is the light agent version that can be deployed to heavy forwarders or universal forwarders to generate and collect performance data from your hosts.
The core application "nmon" contains interfaces, views and everything required to analyse performance data, and can also generate performance data for standalone instance.

Nmon generates a lot of performance monitors like CPU % Usage, LPAR statistics (AIX), disks stats (IOPS, % Busy...), Network usage, TOP resource usage of main processes, and more.

The application intends to provide simple to use interfaces to efficiency analyse every performance piece of *nix machines.

Hope this helps.


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