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Can Splunk add a script to calculate swap stats for each PID in Splunk App for Unix and Linux or elsewhere?

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I can get RSZ_KB and VSZ_KB stats from sourcetype=ps (and from top also but in different fields). These both values don't give us exact stats about how much swap space each process is using.

Here is the method I am using to calculate that on my Linux host:

grep Swap /proc/[1-9]*/smaps | grep -v '\W0 kB' > /tmp/swap1.out
sort -n -r -k2 /tmp/swap1.out > /tmp/swap.out

So now I can see in "swap.out" how much swap space each PID is using.

Can Splunk add a script to calculate swap for each PID in *NIX app or elsewhere?


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You can add that script to your own instance of the unix app yourself, run extensive testing, and then feed that script back to Splunk for inclusion in a future version.

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