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Can Splunk App for Microsoft SQL Server monitor Microsoft SQL 20xx Standard?


Hi everyone,

I am installing splunk in new a customer, who have SQL Server, but the version is standard.
The customer's dba told me, that was impossible to follow the procedures because the limitations of standard version? Is there limitations with a standard version?

is there any method to monitor these servers?


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

The Microsoft SQL Server app is designed for a specific use case (SQL Server Enterpride edition running a SharePoint farm). Outside of that, it was hoped to be more generally useful. The only thing different from a data collection point of view between Standard and Enterprise edition is the audit collection. Thus the dashboards driven by the SQL audit will not be available. Everything else should work.,The Microsoft SQL Server app and technology add-on were designed with Enterprise edition in mind and a specific use case (SQL Server with SharePoint) - they were released separately in case someone else could find them useful.

The audit specifications cannot be used (and thus the dashboards driven by audit cannot be used). However, all other functionality should be ok.

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