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Can I include the name of the PCAP as metadata when ingesting PCAPs using Stream?


I'm working with a client to ingest data from PCAPs into an on-prem Splunk.    I've installed the independent Stream Forwarder (v7.2.0) on the host with the PCAPs and I'm able to ingest the PCAPs.  One issue that the client has raised is that they would like for the generated events to include as metadata the name (including path) of the PCAP file from which the event came.

I'm using the -r option to specify the name of the PCAP and I've tried including the following on the command line but StreamFwd wouldn't accept it:

--_meta "source_pcap::/path/to/and/name/of/the.pcap"


Any thoughts on how this could be done?  I'm open to raising it as an "idea" if need be.

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