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CEF Format Crowdstrike Data to Splunk



I am sending Crowdstrike Streaming data to Splunk in CEF format. Sample log pasted below
How do I get Splunk to recognize all the CEF fields from this stream?

6:26:31.000 PM

CEF:0|CrowdStrike|FalconHost|1.0|validateEntitlementsHmac|validateEntitlementsHmac|1|cat=AuthActivityAuditEvent duser=Customer deviceProcessName=CrowdStrike Authentication cn3Label=Offset cn3=354 outcome=true deviceCustomDate1Label=Timestamp deviceCustomDate1=Jun 25 2019 18:26:31 rt=1561512391596
host = source = tcp:6514 sourcetype = cef_data_stream

6:25:31.000 PM

CEF:0|CrowdStrike|FalconHost|1.0|validateEntitlementsHmac|validateEntitlementsHmac|1|cat=AuthActivityAuditEvent destinationTranslatedAddress=10.xx.11.190 duser=Customer deviceProcessName=CrowdStrike Authentication cn3Label=Offset cn3=353 outcome=true deviceCustomDate1Label=Timestamp deviceCustomDate1=Jun 25 2019 18:25:30 rt=1561512330948
host = source = tcp:6514 sourcetype = cef_data_stream

There are TA and other Apps for Crowdstrike but I wasn't able to get it working. Splunk receives the logs correctly but isn't able to parse all CEF log fields correctly

It only parses following 3?

host = source = tcp:6514 sourcetype = cef_data_stream.


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We use Crowdstrike app which works perfectly fine (sending data on Test environment). The only CEF format i have used it in the past is from CyberArk.

You can refer the above document.

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