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Basic LDAP setup in Search Activity app


alt textPlease take a look at the attached screenshot.
This shows the current status of our Basic LDAP setup page in the Search Activity app.
Considering that the manual has no information on how to do use the controls, and the author hasn't found the time to handle my request for assistance, I have no other choice than come here and hope that someone understands how this is supposed to work.
After working directly with Splunk, I was able to setup correctly the SA-ldapsearch App, so that it connects correctly to our LDAP server.
This is obvious, since you can see our domain is in the Domains drop down list box and Automatic Search Scheduled (providing regular results?): Validation Success.
Now, how do I fix this setup?
I think it's supposed to pull some LDAP data, but there is no indication of what to run, in which order, or what I might be missing.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Sansay,

Can you please have a look at your internal logs and send us an extract. The message here isn't very explicit and could simply mean that the LDAP query that you are using is malstructured.
Also can you please check if this is helpful :
Try running an ldapsearch from your search activity app. It could be that the settings from your SA-ldapsearch app aren't being imported.


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