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AppDynamics: Is there a script to automate the extraction of metrics using API?

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I'm want to automate the extraction of metrics from AppDynamics using the API. Has anyone created a script that uses the AppDynamics API to automate metric ETL to metrics.conf and events.conf file entries?

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While I don't have a good answer for that particular question (zero skillz with AppD), I assume you're asking because this isn't done by the Add On. If that is the case, there might be an easier way to use the data that the Add On does provide and get the same metrics summarized within Splunk using Summary Indexing.

If interested in exploring that solution, would you elaborate on what data the Add On provides and how you'd like it represented (and why)? Then we can collaborate on such a solution within Splunk and without having to write and maintain a custom script or Add On.

Also, it's worth being aware that custom scripts or Add Ons take the LONGEST time to approve for Cloud (and are most likely to be rejected) because of the vulnerabilities that exist in scripting.

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