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Anyone have experienced any issus with the App for A10 Networks, more precisely with SLB?

I have been using the Aflex default file on my A10 Load Balancer, distributed with the APP, but some values on dashboards appears completely out of order and without any context.

I believe that the problem is related with the form that the Aflex format the string for logging.

// Format strings for logging
set log_str "$date_time_request $c_ip $s_ip $s_port $cs_method $cs_uri_stem $cs_uri_query $n_ip $n_port $sc_status $sc_bytes $cs_bytes $final_time_taken $cs_useragent $cs_referer"

Any Tip?



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Our dashboards were logging the time stamps as IP addresses. To resolve the issue we changed the props file extraction to EXTRACT-time to {8} from {6} then changed the other EXTRACT fields so they were higher than the previous EXTRACT {} field.

New props.

EXTRACT-date = (?i)logging_w3c:(?P[^ ]+)
EXTRACT-time = (?i)^(?:[^ ]* ){8}(?P[^ ]+)
EXTRACT-c_ip = (?i)^(?:[^ ]* ){9}(?P[^ ]+)
EXTRACT-s_ip = (?i)^(?:[^ ]* ){10}(?P[^ ]+)
EXTRACT-s_port = (?i)^(?:[^ ]* ){11}(?P[^ ]+)
EXTRACT-cs_method = (?i)^(?:[^ ]* ){12}(?P[^ ]+)
EXTRACT-cs_uri_stem = (?i)^(?:[^ ]* ){13}(?P[^ ]+)
EXTRACT-cs_uri_query = (?i)^(?:[^ ]* ){14}(?P[^ ]+)
EXTRACT-n_ip = (?i)^(?:[^ ]* ){15}(?P[^ ]+)
EXTRACT-n_port = (?i)^(?:[^ ]* ){16}(?P[^ ]+)
EXTRACT-sc_status = (?i)^(?:[^ ]* ){17}(?P[^ ]+)
EXTRACT-sc_bytes = (?i)^(?:[^ ]* ){18}(?P[^ ]+)
EXTRACT-cs_bytes = (?i)^(?:[^ ]* ){19}(?P[^ ]+)
EXTRACT-final_time_taken = (?i)^(?:[^ ]* ){20}(?P[^ ]+)
EXTRACT-cs_useragent = (?i)^(?:[^ ]* ){21}(?P[^ ]+)
EXTRACT-cs_referer = (?i)^(?:[^ ]* ){22}(?P[^ ]+)

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