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App: Broken Hosts App for Splunk, servers are going down and coming up and then normally working fine after checked in Splunk site.

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Continuously getting Splunk forwarder service agent alerts in ticketing tool for every week. and then I tried to check-in Splunk site and it was showing as server was not shut down or rebooted means Splunk agent able to get logs then I need to close that request. like that, getting too many requests. what might be the issue of whether servers are restarting or Splunk agent issue? I have checked in Splunkd logs also but no error information. for some servers, I don't have privileges to check the logs.

please provide some error information as you know. which errors we can get for Splunk Universal Forwarder usually(send me some examples of errors).

can someone please suggest to me what I can do.

Thanks in Advance.

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