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Anyone succeeded with Archival to AWS S3 or Glacier (without Hunk/Hadoop)?


There had been discussion on Archival to S3 on this, however the discussion is more with Hunk. And require solution without Hunk.

In the path to coldToFrozenScript.
"coldToFrozenDir = path/to/frozen/archive,"
- I hope we cannot specify AWS S3 Bucket path directly.

Hence there is Python Script is provided in the document
coldToFrozenScript = "$SPLUNK_HOME/bin/python" "$SPLUNK_HOME/bin/"

The question is anyone succeeded in Archiving to S3 or Glacier by editing this path?
If yes, how do we see the Archival Size/Trend to AWS S3 Bucket (with 'Index archive bucket')

Thanks in advance.


Take a look at the indexes.conf documentation for Splunk 7.0. There's a new feature (unsupported, hopefully out in 7.1?) called remotePath and storageType (look at the very end for an example). Automatically handles S3 and caching data back for searching.


This is achieved finally by editing indexes.conf & specifying & necessary edit with python
coldToFrozenScript = "/opt/splunk/bin/python" "/opt/SPLUNK_ARCHIVE/"

The Archival to AWS S3 is successful. Thanks.

Path Finder

When I manually run the , it is working. But when splunk runs it, it doesn't copy the file to s3. I figured out that splunk has some issues when executing aws cli:
File "/usr/local/bin/aws", line 19, in
import awscli.clidriver
ImportError: No module named awscli.clidriver

By any change do you know how this can be resolved, aws installed as root, but splunk is running as user "splunk"

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