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Any one using this app "Network tool kit"

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is there any one using this "Network tool kit" app currently? need to know whats the max number of devices configured for PING monitoring with this?

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@Nisha Yes you can do it through Lookup

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There is no limit that is enforced by the app. The app runs all of the inputs within a single process using multiple threads and is thus very efficient. There is no way to realistically derive a maximum number since this is dependent on a lot of factors. That said, I have tested it against a very high number of inputs and it works well. I tested the app with 600 pings per second (600 inputs pinging every second) on a low-end laptop and it worked fine.

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How did you add 600 inputs? Is there a way we can add it through lookup? Because we have nearly 5000 hosts we need to add. Please can anyone suggest how to add all of them at one shot.

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