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Alert Manager - auto resolve if "append incident with the same title" is enabled

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Hi Splunkers,
I'm here again asking for help with the alert manager app.
I'm trying the "auto-resolve" feature combined with "append incident with the same title".

I would like that all incidents with new appended events to be automatically closed at time "last_event + ttl"

What I'm seeing now is an automatic closure at time "open time + ttl" even if there are new events for the same incident.

Here below a simple example:
Auto-close = enabled
Append new incidents = enabled

Search = my search
TTL = 11m
Incident creation time = 13:00:00 
Appended events time = 13:05:00 , 13:10:00

Auto close time = 13:00:00 + 11m = 13:11:00
Desidered auto close time = 13:10:00 + 11m = 13:21:00

Thanks in advance for your support.

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