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Adding dimensions to my entities in Splunk App for Infrastructure (SAI)


I'm trying to build a simple app to deploy to all of my Windows hosts to collect the CPU, Memory, HDD, etc that Im looking for using SAI. Created the app and deployed using forwarders... working great. Only "dimension" i'm collecting at the moment is "entity_type::Windows_Host" but wanting to add more dimensions once inside the SAI app. Adding application names, server classes, etc AFTER I've already ingested the raw data. Is that possible?

Part of my inputs.conf (for example):

counters = % Disk Read Time;% Disk Write Time
instances = *
interval = 30
mode = single
object = PhysicalDisk
index = em_metrics
_meta = entity_type::Windows_Host
useEnglishOnly = true
sourcetype = PerfmonMetrics:PhysicalDisk
disabled = 0

Reason being? I want 1 app to deploy to all 10k windows forwarders to collect the data I need, and not having to build customer server classes and apps for every possible bundle of servers and label the dimensions in each app. Would be a huge time saver and more dynamic.


Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

You want to add custom dimensions for each entity after it is discovered in SAI?
Manually/Automatically? Based on any field like host?

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