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So following ui-tour Splunk documentation and other similar questions about ui-tour.conf. But i just can't get it to work.

ui-tour.conf is located in /app/myapp/local - tried with /app/myapp/default, etc/system/local  - none of it does the charm.

type = image
label = Welcome tour
imageName1 = search1.png
imageCaption1 = After adding data use the Search view to run searches, design data visualizations, save reports, and create dashboards. To know more about 
context = myapp

picture is saved in img map ( like it said in documentation).

So maybe I'm getting this wrong but it should start when i run dashboard documentation on myapp, but when I run dashboard documentation it doesn't run.

So my question do i need to change something dashboards for it to run because I didn't get that feeling reading documentation and other questions.

Thank you in advance.

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