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Add-on for JIRA: Why is the Jira JQL search command occasionally causing searches to hang indefinitely?

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I have a scheduled search running that uses the Jira JQL search command. Every so often, the search will hang indefinitely.

When I look in the job inspector, the only part of the query that ever takes any significant time is the command.jira component. When the job hangs, the command.jira component shows no duration (oldest stalled search was months old and they usually complete in a few minutes at most.

My suspicion is that sometimes the jira search is not returning a value, or it's getting missed somehow, and the job is stuck waiting for the results.

The problem is that, after a few of these don't complete, the search stops running until I clear out the old failed ones.

Has anyone seen similar behavior? Is there a way to configure timeouts for this so that it will exit gracefully instead of hanging? I've been unable to determine anything from the configs or the documentation (seems a bit sparse for this add-on).

Thanks for any help.

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