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Add-on for JIRA: Unable to get results from JIRA, getting "ERROR404 Client Error: Not Found for url: http://jirahost/rest/api/2/search"

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I am unable to fetch any results from JIRA and the logs show an error

06-10-2017 02:38:23.872 +0530 ERROR ExecProcessor - message from "python "C:\Program Files\Splunk\etc\apps\jira\bin\"" ERROR404 Client Error: Not Found for url: http://jirahost/rest/api/2/search

My config.ini is as follows

hostname = jirahost
username = <jirauser>
password = <jirapassword>
jira_protocol = http
jira_port = 8080'

inputs.conf in default folder:

sourcetype = json
interval = 60
server = jirahost
protocol = http
port = 8080
jql = key in (****)
fields = *
username = <jirauser>
password = <jirapassword>
disabled = 1

i haven't made any changes to any other folder. Please suggest.

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Although an old topic, some other potential pointers for other's that come here.

  • config.ini file - Is this definitely accurate? OP has a single ' after 8080 for their Jira Port;
  • Is 8080 definitely the right port? Remember the app comes with 443 listed as the default port (You can change this, obviously, but sometimes the default is the default for a reason, right?);
  • Passwords - Honestly, please check to make sure your passwords are accurate;
  • Permissions - Does the listed user account have the right to make API calls?;

You might be able to tell I've had all sorts of fun with the Jira Add-on so far...


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I was able to resolve this one :

in the and files look for "/rest/api/2/search" and replace it with - "/jira/rest/api/2/search"

This worked for me

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