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I am running splunk 6.6.3 . can anyone help me to Active Directory information into Splunk App for windows infrastructure. I have installed the Splunk AD addon and every sourcetype is eneabled on it. I am unable to get Groups, Group Plocy information, Organizational units information and Active Directory Health information.
All i am able to get is User Information. I am not able to generate default domain lookup tables.

Thanks in advance.

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Can you try this command and check outcome:

Also there is troubleshooting doc available:

Also check _internal logs for any kind of error.

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the ldap search command is resturning all the user related information. I am also looking to get "eventtype=msad-dc-health" and "DomainList.csv" as there are lots of dependencies on these to populate all the dashboards.

_internal logs doesnot not show errors related to AD or Ldap. Mostly Perfmon Errors.

Thank you.

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Did you get anywhere with populating the msad-dc-health event type? I also cannot run some searches as "msad-dc-health" event type doesnt return anything.

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Yes. I have resolved the issue, I am able to collect all the logs from AD. I have followed the following posts and was able to resolve it.

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