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AWS Add-on Description Input only collecting data once per day


We have the AWS Add-on configured to collect description data with the polling_interval set to 8640 seconds (2.4 hours) but it seems we are only getting description data collected once per day at 2am.

Does anyone know why this might be ? i.e. a limitation on the AWS side or a misconfiguration/bug on the Splunk side ?


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Did you eventually find out how to change this? We are seeing that the description input configuration is not responding to changes. We are getting per host description data once a minute even though we have configured the add-on to poll every 3600 seconds.

We have tried different configurations and we have tried restarting Splunk.

Our setup:
Splunk Enterprise 7.3.1
Splunk Add-on for AWS 4.6.0
OS: Amazon Linux 2


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