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AMQP Messaging Modular Input: Importing MQ messages into Splunk, why is the payload or body of the message empty?

Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

We are using a RabbitMQ server (amqp) as data source. Our previous experiments led us to the Splunk AMQP Messaging Modular Input add-on and we have already received messages.
The RabbitMQ server is supplied on the other side by a Linux Syslog-ng service. This creates the AMQP message as follows.
An AMQP message is sent in which all relevant data are fed into the header data of the message properties.

DATE:       Oct 6 14:10:06
FACILITY:   syslog
HOST:       logserver
MESSAGE:    syslog-ng starting up; version='3.5.6'
PID:        1432
PRIORITY:   notice
PROGRAM:    syslog-ng
SEQNUM:     1
TAGS:       .source.s_src

The payload or message body of the message, on the other hand, is empty. Splunk does not interpret this data easily.
We need the information as Splunk must be configured to correctly interpret the AMQP messages / Best practices if the application is known.

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Post your inputs.conf stanza you setup.
Also post any log error messages : index=_internal error ExecProcessor

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi spervaiz,

Seems you have already installed the AMQP Messaging Modular Input and received data through it. Have you configured the add-on properly? As this is a Modular Input , you can then configure your AMQP inputs via Manager->Data Inputs->AMQP. The field entry should be straightforward and intuitive for anyone with basic experience with AMQP.
If the add-on configuration does not work for your data format, you can also create your own custom sourcetype so that Splunk can correctly perform field extraction and transformation of your data.

Hope it helps. Thanks!
Hunter Shen

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