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500 Internal Server Error with EMC Isilon Add-on for Splunk Enterprise. What user account and group configuration is required?

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Splunk Employee


The Isilon account configured within the Isilon TA was generating a “..403 …Forbidden..” error and since adding the account to the audit:admin group, it's now erroring with "500 Internal Server Error".

Please can you advise what user account and group configuration is required within the Isilon config?

Thank you.

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Hello Folks,

Good day!

We are in similar situation. The account with above privileges able to pull the audit logs from Isilon? Please confirm.

Must appreciated your help. Thanks

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This is what we currently have configured for our user:

Privileges                  Read/write access 
ISI_PRIV_LOGIN_PAPI             N/A 
ISI_PRIV_ANTIVIRUS          Read-only 
ISI_PRIV_AUDIT              Read-only 
ISI_PRIV_CLUSTER            Read-only 
ISI_PRIV_DEVICES                Read-only 
ISI_PRIV_EVENT              Read-only 
ISI_PRIV_FTP                    Read-only 
ISI_PRIV_HDFS               Read-only 
ISI_PRIV_HTTP               Read-only 
ISI_PRIV_ISCSI              Read-only 
ISI_PRIV_JOB_ENGINE             Read-only 
ISI_PRIV_LICENSE                Read-only 
SI_PRIV_NDMP                Read-only 
ISI_PRIV_NETWORK            Read-only 
ISI_PRIV_NFS                    Read-only 
ISI_PRIV_NTP                Read-only 
ISI_PRIV_QUOTA              Read-only 
ISI_PRIV_SMARTPOOLS         Read-only 
ISI_PRIV_SMB                Read-only 
ISI_PRIV_SNAPSHOT           Read-only 
ISI_PRIV_STATISTICS             Read-only 
ISI_PRIV_SYNCIQ                 Read-only 
ISI_PRIV_VCENTER            Read-only 
ISI_PRIV_WORM               Read-only 
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