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I have the search and alert working and my script will run if I execute it locally, but since the script is running from the Heavy Forwarder I can't get the application(s) to start.

runas /profile /env "C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++.exe" >> test-restart.txt
runas /profile /env "C:\Program Files (x86)\putty\putty.exe" >> test-restart.txt

I was trying to get these simple applications to run before working on the production applications. I also wanted to email the log success or failure of the application(s) start.

I did run the following:
index=windows host=testserver sourcetype="WinEventLog:Application" EventCode=1000 Type=Warning "Faulting Application name: Test123" | runshellscript Test-Application-restart.bat

Here was the output of the above search:
External search command 'runshellscript' returned error code 1. Script output= "ERROR "Missing arguments to operator 'runshellscript', expected at least 10, go 2." "

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I have never seen this error message, but I think there is a more basic problem here - if I understand your question correctly.

An alert executes a script as the result of a search. Therefore, the alert script must exist on the search head (or the indexer if there is no separate search head). And the alert script will be executed on the search head.

So it isn't going to work if the script is on the forwarder (whether it is a heavy forwarder or not).

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