Why am I getting this error "tlsv1 alert protocol version (_ssl.c:590)" while trying to get access to make a GET request to the API?

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I would like to ask if you have ever seen similar type of error message that I am experiencing it while trying to get an access to makes a GET request to the API from version 7.0.2.
Same python scripts used to work on version 6.5.1 with no issue, is there any limitation on python release / SSL connection with new Spunk 7.x release that we need to be aware of?

Here is the error message:
[SSL: TLSV1ALERTPROTOCOLVERSION] tlsv1 alert protocol version (ssl.c:590)

$ brew install openssl
Warning: openssl 1.0.2l is already installed

$ brew install --with-openssl curl
Warning: curl 7.55.1 is already installed

My Python version is: Python 2.7.10

Thanks for any insight and assist in-advance,

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