Trying to create a custom alert action passing a host value to the script that runs a linux command with that value as an argument


In this case I'm using a PBS job scheduler and whenever splunk sees a uncorrectable memory error I want it to offline the node within PBS itself.

the local command line syntax would be something like:

pbsnodes -o $hostname$
qmgr -c 's n $hostname$ comment="Splunk offlined this node due to uncorrectable memory errors"

Thus far I've been unsuccessful in having any way to trigger this as an alert action to a search.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Can you please provide more information on Custom Alert Action ? Have you created Custom Alert Action ? If yes, then is it possible you to provide your script which is running above command and other configuration file ?

If you are running bash/shell script in Custom Alert Action then have a look at answers thread on , you will get idea how to read results of splunk query and then perform action on each output event in your script.

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