Triggered alerts are not sending email but sendemail works (AWS SES SMTP)

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I'm facing an error where all my scheduled searches are triggered, there no logs showing any error while trying to send the email, BUT I did not receive any email.

My splunk emailing system is integrated with AWS SES and I'm able to send (and receive) email using 'sendemail' command from the splunk search which tells me that the SES credentials are correct. 

Below are the logs showing that no errors while trying to send email.


2021-08-11 22:56:01,898 +0000 INFO sendemail:139 - Sending email. subject="|prod-us-west-2| SplunkAlert: TSD SES Email Alert Test ", results_link="", recipients="[u'']", server=""

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@mufthmu  Did you check the index=_internal sourcetype=splunk_python?

How did you test sendemail what params have you provided explicitly server= ?

alert_actions.conf on your SH has been set to mailserver = ? same you can find in server Settings -> Email section. 

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