Splunk report and alert problem


I have a report scheduled which runs every day and it has earliest=-30d for general scenario and I have a separate alert which uses this report to collect the data and it provides the outlier.

Now, my question is if for some reason I need to see the historical data which is older than 30 days then I need to hardcode that time range (for example - earliest=-125d latest=-95d) in the search of the report. I am also updating the same in the time picker using date range to match with what I have updated in the search. Now when I run the report, it gives me correct results but nothing changes in the Alert. It gives me the same data as it was giving me previously for last 30 days.

So, basically the alert is not getting updated based on the changes I am making in the report. Any help would be appreciated!!

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If you can hide the sensitive details from your SPL code for both the report and the alert, and share them here, we can help you to find the problem and fix it.

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