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Hello everyone!

I'm trying to get Splunk to create an incident in ServiceNow when an alert is triggered. I'm using the "snowincidentstream" command, but receive an error that says "command="snowincidentstream", Failed to create ticket. Return code is 400. Reason is Bad Request".

I'm following the example in the docs running a query similar to that below: 

sourcetype="CPURates" earliest=-5m latest=now
| stats avg(CPU) as CPU last(_time) as time by host
| where CPU>=95
| eval category="Software"
| eval contact_type="Phone"
| eval ci_identifier="8214eb87c0a8018b7bd0919758dcc3c2"
| eval priority="1"
| eval subcategory="Database"
| eval short_description="CPU on ". host ." is at ". CPU ""
| eval account="user"
| eval custom_fields="u_affected_user=nobody||u_caller_id=12345"
| eval correlation_id="de305d51-15b4-411b-adb2-fb6b9e546013"
| snowincidentstream

 What could be wrong? Can someone please help?

Thank you so much!

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