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Hi All,

My name is Ammal. I'm from Malaysia. Actually, I am a bit confused - I got my "Splunk Certified Knowledge Manager V6 (on Dec 31, 2014)". My question is - is my certification (as mentioned above) still valid, if yes - what is my re-certification path.
Please advise.


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Yes, its valid. But it will expire later this year (1st October 2019)

If you want to preserve your certificate you will need to re-take the v7 exam before 1st October 2019, otherwise you will have to re-certify the whole track.

Alternatively, you can jump straight onto the next-level exam and move to the v7 program that way.

See the details here:

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Actually - I'm just doubting myself now - Are you sure you have "Splunk Certified Knowledge Manager v6"
I thought Knowledge manager was a v5 cert?

If you do have 'v5 Splunk Certified Knowledge Manager' Then you will need to re-certify staring with Fun1 (which is free) but you can then take the "Splunk Core Certified User" which will move you onto the v7 program

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