Run a script from an alert

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Hello everyone,

I need your help please.
I am trying to run the same script from an alert.
My script is in : /apps/myapp/bin/scripts/
I changed the permissions (everyone can read, write and execute the script) and the owner is splunk.
My log file is in /apps/myapp/bin/scripts/logfile.log (everyone can read, write and execute the log file) and the owner is splunk.

The sh script is :

   DATE=`date '+%Y/%m/%d'`
   echo $DATE  >> /srv/opt/splunk/etc/apps/my_app/bin/scripts/log_file.log

Nothing happens, my file (log_file.log) is not modified, and II don't know where can I check the erros or problems due to the execution of the script from the alert.
First question : Where can we check the logs of the execution of the alert (if the script is running or if there is a problem)?
Second question: Is there something I should do enable running a script from an alert ? Can someone explain the steps we need to do to make the alert run the script ?

PS : I've already read the splunk doc.

Thank you for your help

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Re: Run a script from an alert



After creating script, you need to configure that script in Schedule Search, have a look at this document

Additionally Run a Script alert action is officially deprecated. It has been replaced with custom alert actions as a more scalable and robust framework for integrating custom actions. See About custom alert actions for implementation and migration information.


Re: Run a script from an alert

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Hi @manalhadrach ,

You can check error of script by running below query.

index="_internal" ""


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