Rest API not returning alerts


I am using the REST API to create a bot to search for triggered alerts every 30 seconds or so. I created saved searches as alerts on my personal splunk account from my company and everything worked fine.

curl -k -u [username]:[password] https://[host]/servicesNS/[username]/[app]/alerts/fired_alerts -d "output_mode=json" --get

I recently got a new splunk account specifically for the bot to use so I went and recreated the alerts I had previously created on the new account but when I run the API calls I am not getting any triggered alerts returned. I can see my test alerts in the alert manager and the alerts I created on the new account are exactly the same as the ones I had on my personal account.

I have tried deleting the saved searches on my personal account as well as recreating the searches on the bot account but I am unable to see the triggered alerts when I check for them using the API.

Any help would greatly appreciated.

edit: If I search for triggered alerts from all apps I am able to see other alerts that were created by other people but not the ones I created.

I can see the alerts that were triggered but when I run the command I only get

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Is it a namespace issue?

Try here

You need to use namespace wildcards to get all the searches (run as admin), I've added a filter to only load searches that have the email action enabled:
 | rest /servicesNS/-/-/saved/searches search="" | table title eai:acl.owner disabled is_scheduled cron_schedule*

I also found these pages helpful

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hmmm this worked for me:

curl --get -ku admin:xxxxx https://localhost:9621/servicesNS/admin/sales/alerts/fired_alerts -d "output_mode=json"

Try --get upfront.

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I get the same results when I run both commands

It says no alerts have been fired but when I go to the alert manager I see

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