Requesting help to create an alert as below.



Please can some one help me t create the alert for below requirement.

"For the following indexes below, create an alert that monitors license volume exceeding 10% of the rolling average of the last 30 days of volume.

1 proxy
2 Dns
3 windows
4 Linux
5 Firewall"

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there are many answers for this topic in this portal, here are some examples:
and also many ways to calculate the size and growth of an index ...
here is a quick draw, i hope you will find it useful:

index=_internal source=*license_usage.log type="Usage" idx IN(proxy Dns windows Linux Firewall)
| bin _time span=1d 
| eventstats sum(b) as daily_b by idx _time 
| eval daily_mb = daily_b/1024/1024
| stats max(daily_mb) as total_daily by _time idx
| streamstats window=30 current=f global=f avg(total_daily) as running_avg by idx
| eval ten_percent_on_top = running_avg + running_avg/10
| eval flag = if(total_daily>ten_percent_on_top,"Alarm","All Good")

note, this search can get expensive as the data is verbose. its recommended to summarize your daily license stats and query the summary index with the data

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