Is there a way to open a defect in Rally (Agile project management tool) when an alert is triggered in Splunk?


We are using Rest Input App and configured REST APIs and scheduled them at frequent intervals of the time. We then monitor the API logs to check the health of API, and triggering the Alerts to the API owners if something unusual happens with API. We are looking to open a Defect in Rally (Agile project management tool) when an alert is triggered. Rally has provided a package "Python toolkit for the Rally REST API (PYRAL)" using which we can create/modify the objects in Rally, but the PYRAL package needs to be installed for use. My question is, is there any other way we can open defects in Rally from Splunk alerts? Any help or directions to achieve this are much appreciated.

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Could you setup Splunk to generate an e-mail off the alert and then have that e-mail open the defect in Rally?

I found this on GitHub that opens defects or user stories in Rally (depending on whether 'defect' is at the start of the email subject) but there may be other ways to accomplish this in Rally today as it looks like it's 4 years old.

That'd be the route I'd take to try and accomplish what I think you're looking for. Hope this helps.