If I completed the Splunk 6.x Certified User exam before the new Pearson Vue certification system, do I need to retake the new exam?

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I completed the Splunk 6.x Certified User exam a few months ago before the new Pearson Vue certification system. Do I need to retake the new Splunk Core Certified User before Power User in the new Pearson Vue system? Just linked the Splunk-PV accounts together and noticed that the Power User certification is not listed in the pre-approved exam page.


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Good news! You are eligible for a one-year recertification window under the new program. This means that from program launch (October 1, 2018) through October 1, 2019, you have two options for recertification:

1) Register for the highest level exam you held as a V6.x Certification (no prerequisites necessary).

2) Complete the prerequisite coursework and register for the next-level exam, moving beyond the highest V6.x certification you held.

Here’s what it looks like in practice (see pdf for reference):

V6.x Splunk Certified User is eligible for Splunk Core Certified User or Splunk Core Certified Power User.

V6.x Splunk Certified Power User is eligible for Splunk Core Certified Power User or Splunk Enterprise Certified Admin.

As you say the exam is not listed, maybe, check with

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