How to setup an alert if a HTTP collector receives huge data more than expected threshold?

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hi All,

is it possible to setup an alert if someone accidentally sned huge log entries to the HTP Collector for example on an average it always receives data < 50 MB at any regulat intervals of time. Due to any developer's mistake by enabling debug logging or sending wrong log entries of huge sizes more than 50 MB sent to HTTP Collector at a given chunk.

Setting up alert for such behavior will help in alerting the users to chekc if the source is expected or it was due to any human error. Please let me know if someone has achieved it.


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You can use _introspection index to achieve this.

To start with you can use below query

index=_introspection host=gblvap000268  sourcetype=http_event_collector_metrics "data.token_name"=*  
| rename data.* as *
| stats avg(total_bytes_received) as bytes_received by token_name

EDIT: Query updated for to find avg based on token name

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