How to get the Trigger Time to appear in 24 hour format in alert emails?


I've set up an alert to send an email and all works well. I have ticked "Trigger Time" to be included in the email. How do I get the Trigger time to appear in 24 hour format as it currently isn't?

Trigger time in the alert email always appears like this:

"Trigger Time:  11:30:11 on May 03, 2016."  

My users have complained that they want it in 24 hour format. How do I do this?

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Ok so first and foremost, HI and welcome to the forum.

2ndly please proceed with caution regarding the solution i'm about to give you as it is a "hack" It will not be supported, it will not persist after upgrades, and therefore you'll have to make the change after every upgrade, and you should make a backup of this file first, etc.

If you look at this file:

In my copy on line 235 i have this:

            ssContent['trigger_timeHMS'] = time.strftime("%I:%M:%S", triggerSeconds)

It's part of a bigger code block seen below:

    ssContent['trigger_date'] = None
    ssContent['trigger_timeHMS'] = None
    ssContent['trigger_time'] = argvals.get('trigger_time')
    if normalizeBoolean(ssContent['trigger_time']):
            triggerSeconds = time.localtime(float(ssContent['trigger_time']))
            ssContent['trigger_date'] = time.strftime("%B %d, %Y", triggerSeconds)
            ssContent['trigger_timeHMS'] = time.strftime("%I:%M:%S", triggerSeconds)
        except Exception, e:

If you change the %I to %H as shown below... this will give you 24h (zero padded format... aka 01... 09, 10,11...24). You might have more requests around this... i suggest this site for reference:

            ssContent['trigger_timeHMS'] = time.strftime("%H:%M:%S", triggerSeconds)

Cheers and best of luck,