How to execute a mysql command over ssh script based on alert


Can't find an easy way to do this. I want to create a .py script that gets kicked off when an alert triggers. I can run a single command from the splunk machine cli, however it prompts me for a password.

Basically when I see an event I want to write the results of a sql query to a file. Since mysql is not installed on the splunk machine I need to ssh to the mysql machine to run the statement.

How have people been solving this?

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I got around this by just installing mysql client on the splunk machine and creating a simple py script
import os
os.system("mysql -u {user} -p{psw} -h {hostIP} -e "show full processlist;" -B >> /splunk/showprocesslist.csv")
This appends to a csv file

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To avoid getting prompted for an SSH password you can store your SSH key on the other machine and log in using that.

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